Hello! I'm Omar, from Italy. As a young adult I was very overweight, peaking at almost 100kg (15st 10lbs) and so I decided to turn my life around.
I hired a Personal Trainer and with exercise and healthier eating I lost more than 39kg (6st 2lbs!) and went down to 60kg (9st 6lbs). My trouser size dropped from a large 38" to a mere 30", I also started weight training and reached a healthy mid-way.
My life changed physically and mentally. I now breathe better, sleep better, I can exercise for longer and am full of energy and happier than ever before.

In 2006 I took up Jujitsu, a great martial art to keep fit and give me confidence. I'm now a second dan (nidan) black belt, teach around 90 students and run private self-defence courses for corporate companies.
I also teach fitness courses for YMCA Awards qualifications and I run private First Aid training.

Today, I can work alongside GPs to help my clients lessen their pain or become fitter, taking into consideration several medical conditions. It's a great satisfaction to pass all my knowledge on to people who are where I was a few years ago and help them feel empowered.


Whatever your goal is, from losing belly fat, building lean muscle or toning up and getting fit, you can rely on me as I've experienced the journey first hand! It wasn't easy, but I loved every step of the way and still enjoy the benefits of my hard work today.
If I did it you can do it too!


Lv 4 Managing Lower Back Pain
Lv 4 NVQ Course Tutor (PTLLS)
Lv 3 Health & Safety Advisor
Lv 3 National NVQ Assessor

Lv 3 Personal Trainer

Lv 3 GP Exercise Referral (clients with medical conditions)

Lv 3 First Aid at Work Tutor
Lv 3 Martial Arts instructor (Japanese Jujitsu)

Lv 2 Exercise to Music

Lv 2 Lean Management Techniques

Lv 1 Fitness Studies

Lv 1 Power plate Instructor
Lv 1 Suspension Training

Lv 1 Indoor Cycle Instructor
Lv 1 Supple Strength Instructor

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